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Full Time


Information & Communication Technology


$0 - $200000.00 per annum

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Peter Li

Our client is a fast growing consulting firm that revolutionise our economy, society and businesses with cutting edge technology. Through the use of human-centred design approach to enhance decision-making in all its countless sizes, scopes, structure and forms, this organisation helps their clients deliver their customer engagement and operational strategies by conceiving and implementing intelligent systems, architectures, processes and new operating models.

You will assist in designing, developing and deploying solutions that digitise and automate clients' decision making processes. All work will embed either artificial intelligence, machine-based learning, cognitive computing, advanced analytics or probabilistic reasoning. You will be working with a team that consists of from strategists to statisticians and data scientists to software developers. They are currently in the market looking for a Data Scientist to join them.

Your responsibilities will be:
  • Designing, developing and implementing analytical solutions that typically involve a combination of analytical, process and business transformation outcomes and focus on areas of the organisation's business such as customer, product and supply chain, just to name a few.
  • Work with business stakeholders on factual problem formation, data identification and deriving answers that can be operationalized to solve business issues.
  • Analysing new and existing data sources to assess their applicability to address the business issue.
  • Extracting and manipulating data from a variety of sources and subsequently cleanse, standardize, scale, bin, categorise, tokenise, stem and transforms it is order to get the data into a state suitable for further analysis. 
  • Determining whether a given problem can be usefully addressed with analytical techniques and, if so, what further information or data is required to make this possible. 
  • Selecting and configuring analytics toolsets considering the clients' business issue and analytic maturity.
  • Providing solutions in areas that might include asset and inventory management, communications, channels, risk and portfolio analysis and supply chain management. 
  • Providing predictive analytical models for areas such as customer segmentation, market basket analysis, offer propensity, demand planning & forecasting, fraud detection, inventory management and risk exposure.
You will need:
  • A sound understanding of digital and cognitive technologies and analytics, information management and business process based solutions.
  • Experience in extracting knowledge, or insight, from structured and structure data.
  • Experience with working with existing lifecycle management framework to collect metadata, follow coding standards, use version control, complete documentation and write and execute unit tests. 
  • Ability to determine the appropriate approach including data collection methods, sampling methods, sample sizes and data processing pipelines to formulate, execute and analyse a sound and reproducible experiment.  Including the ability to recognise and construct a closed loop feedback system. 
  • Ability to learn patterns and extract answers from data using algorithms that can build a model based on input data without being explicitly programmed to do so. 
  • Experience in applying techniques of statistical inference to test hypotheses and derive estimates of population statistics from sample data.
  • Experience with a range of techniologies: R, SQL, SAS, Python, SPSS, Pig, Hive, Impala, RapidMiner, Salford Systems, Weka, KXEN, Matlab, Octave, Teradata, Aster, Oracle, Neo4J, Hadoop, Tableau, QlikView, Alteryn, Alphine Data Labs, Unica, SAS CI, SAS MO, Radar, MapInfo, PostGIS, Git. 
  • Proven track record in dealing with various seniority in oral and written communication
  • Ability to develop and manage enduring client relationships, engendering a sense of trust and respect.
If you have the above skills and experience please "APPLY NOW" or contact Peter Li on 9602 4222 for more information. Short listed candidates will be contacted.

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