Front End Developer - Angular - Greenfield project


New South Wales

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Full Time


Engineering Information & Communication Technology Science & Technology


$100000.00 - $130000.00 per annum

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Callum Grieve

Front End Engineer - Angular - Greenfield project

The client in question is at the forefront of disruption in the property industry and are passionate about building new and exciting products to disrupt further, but more importantly, assist everyone in the industry achieve their goals.

They are looking for a Front-end developer (Angular 2/4/5) to work with dev and design to build a brand new product, and to migrate the existing suite.

The person should be passionate about creating remarkable user interfaces. The passion, however, is not enough, there should be several products where the candidate has implemented a significant portion or the whole front end.

Although they have a designer who is responsible for the interface and overall user experience of the products, the frontend engineer will be expected to contribute heavily in the UI solutions to help their users to reach their goals.
Key qualifications
  • Angular 5 is our current framework of choice, so Angular 4+ experience is a must.
  • AngularJS, as well as experience with other frameworks such as React and Polymer or Vue, would be a plus as that would hint to the candidate's interest in the industry.
  • Hands-on production experience with several testing strategies (unit, integration, e2e), test runners (karma/protractor, jest, wct) and techniques.
  • Some backend experience is a bonus, but tendency (a desire to advance in the direction in the future) to the full-stack development is a must.
  • Previous experience should include responsive and mobile-first web apps, native mobile app frontends is a bonus.
  • By all means, excellent knowledge of SCSS, well-structured projects and code organisation.
They are looking for someone who can bring the existing experience to the table, teach us something new, and, in time, take responsibility for all frontend layers across their products.

They tend to implement backend-less solutions keeping the number of layers to the minimum. Thus, the frontend is a crucial layer of their products.In most cases, it also holds the business logic. It is, therefore, a vital technical position in the company.

If you're a talented Angular developer looking to build something new, from scratch, please get in touch!

Callum Grieve - Talent International


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